Front Office Solution

Our Front Office Solution is a comprehensive suite of software solutions supporting different aspects of the bank’s daily front office interactions with its clients and partners. The solution combines multi channel enablement with advanced CRM capacity to ensure ubiquitous client servicing, optimize the bank’s operations, and to explore new cross selling opportunities.

The access to the integrated customer information, or a 360-degree view of the customer,allows strengthening the bank’s competitive positions in the market through proactive communication with its clients and effective promotion of financial services based on the deep customer knowledge. The bank’s employee can check what services and products the client uses and analyze the history of his/her financial operations and previous interactions with the bank before coming up with a new offering. Providing access to the client’s personal information, this tool also allows avoiding data replication, save the client’s time and lets the bank:

  • automate cross selling
  • quickly modify and customize the sales terms
  • rapidly launch new services
  • provide effective information advising
  • optimize the bank’s operations

This powerful loyalty tool is supported by the use of the Single-Window technology — a convenient communication and integration instrument which allows the bank’s staff to use the same user interface for the unified access to all customer information used by multiple applications.

In addition, Our Front Office solution offers to its Customers high-end decision support and workflow technologies and provides unlimited opportunities for integration with third party banking applications.