Data Protection & Key Management

With sensitive data residing everywhere, organizations becoming more mobile, and the breach epidemic growing, the need for advanced Data Protection solutions and Key Management have become even more critical. We have been Partnering with Gemalto to provide Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Tokenization to protect the Enterprise sensitive Data.

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

SafeNet HSM
A hardware security module (HSM) is a dedicated crypto processor that is specifically designed for the protection of the crypto key lifecycle. Hardware security modules act as trust anchors that protect the cryptographic infrastructure of some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper-resistant device.
Why Use Hardware Security Modules?
Enterprises buy hardware security modules to protect transactions, identities, and applications, as HSMs excel at securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.

SafeNet Tokenization & Key Management

Secure Sensitive Data with Application-Level Tokenization Solutions
SafeNet Tokenization from Gemalto protects sensitive information by replacing it with a surrogate value that preserves the length and format of the data. The solution tokenizes numeric and alphanumeric data and returns tokens in an unlimited number of formats.
SafeNet Tokenization is used to address a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Securing primary account numbers to achieve PCI DSS compliance.
  • Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data.
  • Big data protection
  • Centralized Key Management
  • Scenarios that require static data masking or the exposure of production databases to non-production environments, such as testing, development, staging, research, and more.
Our tokenization solutions can be deployed across on-premises, virtual, public cloud, and hybrid environments.
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