messaging test tools


Our solution for EFT systems that simplifies even the most difficult and time consuming scenarios, removing the need to purchase test devices or create physical test cards. Our solution enables software developers and testers to have an ATM, POS device or transaction switch on their desktop.

Regardless of how your EFT network is set up, our solution can simulate any of the components of the system. You can readily carry out complete end-to-end transaction testing, by simulating all card issuer and card scheme interchanges. Our solution is developed by experts actively working in the field within the EFT industry, as an all-encompassing test tool for EFT systems. It covers ATM and POS devices, all variations of ISO8583, regression testing and stress testing. It tests every transaction – without exception – that can go in or out of your switch.

Our solution uses a centralised repository, and treats all test data as corporate data. Since data is centralised, every user has access to all devices and test cases set up on the system. All test devices and cases are instantly shared between staff in the development and test areas allowing them to work together very efficiently.

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